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We’re back!

Ok…so we’ve been back for a while now, but we are now back on the blog as well. On August 30, Revel and I were married in Carver, MA. Then we had a great honeymoon to Hawaii (Kauai and Maui). We uploaded a bunch of pictures, so check them out.

Album 1 – 2 days in Boston before Hawaii

Album 2 – Kauai part 1

Album 3 – Kauai part 2

Album 4 – Maui

Hope you enjoy them.

Now that Revel and I have settled in a bit into married life, hopefully we will have some more time to make this blog active again. Stay Tuned!

The Bachelorette Tea Time

My girlfriends surprised me with a lovely high-tea Bachelorette party at the Concord Inn. We enjoyed endless pots of gourmet tea and goodies. I so enjoyed just hanging out with the girls and relaxing. Here are a few pictures:

The tea cup display.


Don’t we look beautiful?!

One more month

It seemed like a long way off back in Feb when I proposed to Revel, but we are now just one month away from the wedding! Everything is going well with the planning. Yesterday we met with the Photographer/Videographer and they really liked the Ceremony/Reception locations. Revel is on top of everything and making sure I do my part, so I have no doubts it will come together well on our day.


An early date - Walden Pond

My Surprise Bridal Shower

My Matron of Honor (Laura) and Maid of Honor (Julie) did an amazing job organizing a surprise shower for me. Here are a few pictures.

Sweet Ada in her daisy outfit.

Isn’t the cake beautiful?

Me and Laura.

 Me and Jess talking to Reed.

 Aunt Susan, Maria, Aunt Cindy, and Nina having a good time.


Michael receiving a grill set.

My life long friends Jess and Laura with their sweeties (born two days apart).


Mom and Aunt Gini watching the show.


Dad driving Aunt Susan home on the latest wheels.

Revel’s ring

So I finally got some good pictures of Revel’s engagement ring to post. The ring is a Tiffany set diamond with 4 small channel-set diamonds on each side (I knew absolutely nothing about rings before I went shopping for hers). Here are a few pictures:



Ladies Day at the Dress Shop

Mom, Laura, Aunti Gini and Ada (and Julie who is taking the picture) inspect a wedding dress I try on and then eventually buy (they approved obviously). My mom, Laura, and Jules also found amazing beautiful dresses. Thank you, Aunt Gini, for watching Ada during her first official shopping trip.