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Christine and Ricardo’s Wedding

Revel and I went down to South Carolina back at the end of June for my sister Christine’s wedding. It was also a chance for Revel to meet my two brothers, Daniel (lives in Switzerland) and Philip (lives in Tokyo, Japan). We had a great time down there and Christine and Ricardo’s wedding was great. Here are some pictures from our trip and the wedding.

Revel meets Daniel

Revel and I arriving at the airport and Revel and Daniel meeting for the first time.

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Mount Washington

Michael and I went up to New Hampshire this weekend to visit my Grandmother who is out here from California for a few weeks. We were able to take a drive up Mount Washington and were fortunate to have a beautiful sunny clear day with breath taking views.

The base of the mountain.

Me with Grandma.

Michael and I half way up the mountain.

King of the mountain.

Michael and I at the summit.

Grandma and I in front of the train that goes up Mt. Washington.

Enjoying the snow

sking in NH

Both Revel and I enjoy the winters and all the fun activities available in the snow.

Snowshoeing in NH

This year, we were able to go skiing (Revel) and snowboarding (Michael) in NH and Vermont, as well as snowshoeing and even took a spin on a snowmobile for the first time. We had some great trips and beautiful weather each time.

Snowmobiling in Vermont