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Easter in South Carolina

Revel, Caroline and I went down to South Carolina for Easter. There, we saw my mom (Grammy), my sister Christine and brother-in-law Ricardo, and my brother Philip traveled from Japan to be there also (his first time seeing Caroline). We had a great trip and Caroline did very well traveling on the planes. We stayed in SC for a couple days after Easter and were able to go to the zoo as well as see Clemson University where I graduated from. Other than being very hot,  it was a great trip and was great to see my family.

For more pictures from the trip, check out this album.

Switzerland Part 2

We returned to Switzerland after spending several days in Paris. Michael and I took the train through the Alps and spent a night in the beautiful city of Luzern. The following day, we met up with Michael’s brother Daniel and his friend Craig at Grindelwald, a small village nestled up on a mountainside. The views were unbelievably beautiful and I truly felt I was in Heidi’s village. From there we traveled further into the Alps and spent a night at a hostel in Zermatt. We awoke the following morning with stunning views of the Matterhorn.

For a taste of our adventure check out our album.

Hello from Switzerland

Michael and I are here in Switzerland visiting his family. We arrived last Friday and spent a few days enjoying the beautiful country that is Switzerland. We also took a trip over to Paris where we spent our time exploring the city and eating French cuisine.



Check out the rest of the pictures in this album.

We’re in San Francisco

Revel and I (and Revel’s parents) are taking a nice break from work/house hunting to visit San Francisco. The Ocean Spray annual meeting is out so it was a good reason to get away. We also got to visit with Revel’s grandmother and aunt. We come home tomorrow but it’s been a fun trip

We’re back!

Ok…so we’ve been back for a while now, but we are now back on the blog as well. On August 30, Revel and I were married in Carver, MA. Then we had a great honeymoon to Hawaii (Kauai and Maui). We uploaded a bunch of pictures, so check them out.

Album 1 – 2 days in Boston before Hawaii

Album 2 – Kauai part 1

Album 3 – Kauai part 2

Album 4 – Maui

Hope you enjoy them.

Now that Revel and I have settled in a bit into married life, hopefully we will have some more time to make this blog active again. Stay Tuned!

Deep Sea Fishing (Bachelor party)

This past Saturday my friends took me out deep sea fishing off the coast of Newburyport for my bachelor party. This was my first time deep sea fishing. While we didn’t catch a lot of fish, we had a great time with beautiful weather and I was happy to spend the day with all of my good friends. I really appreciate the great time out with all of them, not to mention the friendship I’ve enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy!) with all of them over the years. Now I get to join the “married guy” club with all of them.

Here’s a few shots of the day, but check out all the pictures in this photo album.


Catching my firsth fish

Enjoying the ocean

Enjoying the ocean


The whole gang

Visit to Jamestown

Revel and I went out to Jamestown, RI last weekend. When we left, we were worried that we would get rained out, but we had just enough nice weather to have a great time on the rocks looking out at the ocean. There were lots of sailboats out enjoying the strong winds.

Jamestown 1


Tasha and Daisy had a great time as well and were well worn out after our hike.

Check out a few more pictures after the break and a lot more in the photo album.
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