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Tasha and Daisy

Tasha and Daisy have been adjusting to their new roles watching over Caroline.  Despite our crazy new schedule of nursing and changing diapers we have been able to enjoy some of the beautiful fall weather.
Tasha and Daisy posing with the Cranberries

Tasha and Daisy posing with the Cranberries

1st Anniversary

It’s hard to believe a year ago we were exchanging our wedding vows at White Springs. What a beautiful, unforgettable day! We’ve had an amazing first year of marriage. When we look back all we can do is give God thanks for His many blessings. He has not only blessed us with good things such as our health, a new home, a baby on the way, but has poured His out loving kindness by teaching us more and more about His love and grace as we grow together in our marriage.

To celebrate our first anniversary we took advantage of the clear sunny day and drove up to the top Mount Wachusett (we’ll hike it next year!). We then enjoyed an amazing meal at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn.

Reflecting baby bump

Here I am at the top of Mount Wachusett.

Michael and I at the Longfellow’s Wayside Inn.

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Backyard Nature

Michael has been spending a lot of time tidying up the yard. We are thrilled to have so much land around us! Although our wish list seems to keep growing longer we do try to stop and “smell the roses”. Michael took some pictures of our latest vistors:

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Tree Removal

A couple weeks ago we hired a tree cutting company to help us tidy up our yard. We had several trees cut down and their stumps removed. They also went around the entire yard and trimmed back overgrown and dead branches. What a difference their work made! Our yard looks so much bigger.

We had some several trees cut down around the yard. Here are some pics of two pine trees near the front of our yard going down

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Baby Shower

My sweet cousins (Alison, Abbie, and Julie) and my dear friend Laura all came together to throw the most amazing baby shower for Miss Cotsford. The shower took place at the Cranebrook Tea Room in South Carver. The room was decorated with beautiful arrangement of flowers and the most amazing cake with the cutest pink giraffe. My heart was so overwhelmed by the love and support of everyone. Miss Cotsford is certainly very blessed to be surrounded by such loving community.

The sweet ladies who organized the baby shower.

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House Warming Party

It was a thrill to see our friends and family for a couple of hours at our house warming party. We felt so blessed being able to share our new home with those who we love.

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July 4th – the Russian Ship

After the Marion Parade, we drove down to Mass Maritime where my brother goes to school in Buzzards Bay to check out the Russian Ship that docked there for the weekend.

Mom, myself, and Aunt Gini pose in front of the ship. Talk about an amazing ship!

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July 4th – Marion Parade

We celebrated the 4th the traditional Gilmore way by checking out the Marion Parade. My parents, Aunt Susan and Uncle Ben, Aunt Gini and Uncle Rich, and Alison, Jon, and Charlotte all participated in the parade by driving their antiques. Here are a few pictures:

Jon driving the jeep with Alison and Charlotte.

Alison with Charlotte.

Me and my hubby.

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Memorial Day Weekend

This past Memorial Day weekend Revel and I went down to Rochester to see the boat races and go to a BBQ at the Cutler’s. We had a great time and enjoyed the nice weather.

memorial day 1

Waiting for the boaters

Revel and her baby belly enjoying the day

Revel and her baby belly enjoying the day

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