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Hanging out with the Crosbys

The other night as I was standing in the kitchen I started to think “we really should have Steve and Suzanne over for dinner, we haven’t seen them in a long time.” Not even a second passed by before I could hear Michael answering his phone, saying “hi Steve!” Funny how things work out sometimes. So the Crosby family joined us for some spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies.

It was so nice to see Katie, she’s getting to be so big! Here are a few pictures:

The girls having fun.

Katie is saying to her mommy, “Mr. Michael needs to clean his fish tank!”

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Caroline’s visit with family and friends

Caroline has been able to meet some family and friends now. Uncle Cass was able to come visit on Sunday when Revel’s parents came over and cooked dinner for us. We also were able to do a little video conference with Grammy Cotsford in SC yesterday, and she is excited to be coming up next Tuesday.

Cass meeting his niece for the first time

Uncle Cass with his neice

Natalie and Emily came for a visit

Natalie and Emily with Caroline

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Deep Sea Fishing (Bachelor party)

This past Saturday my friends took me out deep sea fishing off the coast of Newburyport for my bachelor party. This was my first time deep sea fishing. While we didn’t catch a lot of fish, we had a great time with beautiful weather and I was happy to spend the day with all of my good friends. I really appreciate the great time out with all of them, not to mention the friendship I’ve enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy!) with all of them over the years. Now I get to join the “married guy” club with all of them.

Here’s a few shots of the day, but check out all the pictures in this photo album.


Catching my firsth fish

Enjoying the ocean

Enjoying the ocean


The whole gang

Steve’s bachelor party

Last Friday I went to my good friend Steve’s bachelor party. After a fun race at F1 racing (very cool!), we went to the Marina Bay in Quincy (you can watch the planes landing at Logan just across the bay) where we played some volleyball and had dinner. We all had a great time and I’m very happy for Steve and Suzanne.

Steve Bachelor party

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