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Caroline at 4 months

Okay everyone was right, how fast the time goes! Already at 4 months, it’s so hard to believe.

Made in U.S. with Swiss parts!

Here we are with our favorite person; daddy!

Last weekend we visited our dear friends Melissa,  Tim, and their son Bryce. Here we are showing off with Mr. Tim.

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Happy New Year!

Sorry it’s been a while since our last post! We’ve been busy with the usual holiday madness and were blessed with Michael’s family visiting from South Carolina and Switzerland. I’m still learning how to balance keeping the home in respectable order and keeping the Misses content. She’s getting bigger by the day and is even experiencing her first episode of teething.

Here are a few pictures from over the holidays:

Lovin' our new pajamas!

Here we are showing off our new pajamas.

Enjoying my sweet daughter as the new year rolls in.

Celebrating the New Year with my sweet daughter.

The whole gang.

Michael’s family (Philip is the only one missing. He’ll be visiting us later this year from Japan.) from left to right: Daniel, Christine, Ricardo, Eliane, Me with Caroline, Michael, and of course Daisy.

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Caroline’s first bath

Once Caroline’s belly button had all healed up, we were able to give her her first bath. She wasn’t too happy with it, but she has gotten use to it (we’ve since given her a couple more). She also likes her soft teddy bear blanket to dry off in.

Caroline enjoying her first bath

But she called down once she was dryed off

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Caroline’s visit with family and friends

Caroline has been able to meet some family and friends now. Uncle Cass was able to come visit on Sunday when Revel’s parents came over and cooked dinner for us. We also were able to do a little video conference with Grammy Cotsford in SC yesterday, and she is excited to be coming up next Tuesday.

Cass meeting his niece for the first time

Uncle Cass with his neice

Natalie and Emily came for a visit

Natalie and Emily with Caroline

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Caroline’s first visitors

Caroline had some of her first visitors, starting with Revel’s parents last night. She also got to meet Natalie and then today Revel’s Aunt Susan, Uncle Ben and cousin Alison were able to come by (Caroline is excited to meet Charlotte, Alison’s little girl who is exactly 9 months older then her…but she wasn’t able to come up per hospital rules…but SOON).

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Caroline was excited to meet her grandparents!