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Saying goodbye to Grampy Gilmore

This past Sunday on January 25th, Grampy Gilmore passed away.  My grandfather was an amazing man. He gave the best hugs in world and was always delighted to see his grandchildren. The last couple years since my grandmother passed away I was able to spend much more time with him. My parents had him over for dinner every Sunday,  a time in which he told stories of his childhood, of being in the war, and of cranberry growers he knew. He always made us laugh and never had a negative thing to say about anyone. I will miss him terribly.


My grandparents on their wedding day.

Click here to read a detailed obituary.

Baby Carr

Charlotte Atwood Carr decided to surprise the world with an early delivery on December 23, 2008. She spent several weeks in ICU while she gained some weight. Baby Carr is now home (all 5 lbs and 7 ounces). Below are a few pictures that her family took a few days ago. She is a sweetheart!

Precious Charlotte.

Charlotte rests in the safe haven of her dad’s (John) arms.

My Aunt Susan and Uncle Ben, Charlotte’s grandparents, adorn her with love.

Baby Carr having quiet time with grampa.

The new mom, my cousin Alison, with her darling Charlotte.

Auntie Abbie and Grandma… Charlotte, you are one lucky girl!

Cass out to sea

My brother, Cass, attends Mass Maritime Academy where he is studying marine engineering. As part of his study he is required to spend a certain amount of time out on the ocean training on a ship. Just before Christmas he boarded the SS Blue Ridge and began his training. Over the last couple weeks the ship made its way up the Atlantic towards New England. Last week my parents were able to stop by and see Cass while the ship was docked in Providence, Rhode Island. Here are a few pictures my mom took while they visited:

Cass with the tanker’s chief engineer.

Cass in the control room overlooking the engineer room that is three stories deep.