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Caroline’s first bath

Once Caroline’s belly button had all healed up, we were able to give her her first bath. She wasn’t too happy with it, but she has gotten use to it (we’ve since given her a couple more). She also likes her soft teddy bear blanket to dry off in.

Caroline enjoying her first bath

But she called down once she was dryed off

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Caroline’s visit with family and friends

Caroline has been able to meet some family and friends now. Uncle Cass was able to come visit on Sunday when Revel’s parents came over and cooked dinner for us. We also were able to do a little video conference with Grammy Cotsford in SC yesterday, and she is excited to be coming up next Tuesday.

Cass meeting his niece for the first time

Uncle Cass with his neice

Natalie and Emily came for a visit

Natalie and Emily with Caroline

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Caroline’s first visitors

Caroline had some of her first visitors, starting with Revel’s parents last night. She also got to meet Natalie and then today Revel’s Aunt Susan, Uncle Ben and cousin Alison were able to come by (Caroline is excited to meet Charlotte, Alison’s little girl who is exactly 9 months older then her…but she wasn’t able to come up per hospital rules…but SOON).

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Caroline was excited to meet her grandparents!

Introducing Caroline Cotsford

On Wednesday, Sept 23, 11:36pm, Caroline Susan Cotsford was born at Milford Regional Medical Center. She weighed 7 lbs and 9 ounces and was 20 1/4 inches long. Both she and Revel are doing well now and we are very excited to have a new little girl! She has a full head of dark hair (which was suprising to both Revel and I given my red hair and her blond hair, but she looks really great with it).

Caroline and a recovering mom

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1st Anniversary

It’s hard to believe a year ago we were exchanging our wedding vows at White Springs. What a beautiful, unforgettable day! We’ve had an amazing first year of marriage. When we look back all we can do is give God thanks for His many blessings. He has not only blessed us with good things such as our health, a new home, a baby on the way, but has poured His out loving kindness by teaching us more and more about His love and grace as we grow together in our marriage.

To celebrate our first anniversary we took advantage of the clear sunny day and drove up to the top Mount Wachusett (we’ll hike it next year!). We then enjoyed an amazing meal at Longfellow’s Wayside Inn.

Reflecting baby bump

Here I am at the top of Mount Wachusett.

Michael and I at the Longfellow’s Wayside Inn.

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Backyard Nature

Michael has been spending a lot of time tidying up the yard. We are thrilled to have so much land around us! Although our wish list seems to keep growing longer we do try to stop and “smell the roses”. Michael took some pictures of our latest vistors:

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