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Easter in South Carolina

Revel, Caroline and I went down to South Carolina for Easter. There, we saw my mom (Grammy), my sister Christine and brother-in-law Ricardo, and my brother Philip traveled from Japan to be there also (his first time seeing Caroline). We had a great trip and Caroline did very well traveling on the planes. We stayed in SC for a couple days after Easter and were able to go to the zoo as well as see Clemson University where I graduated from. Other than being very hot,  it was a great trip and was great to see my family.

For more pictures from the trip, check out this album.

Hanging out with the Crosbys

The other night as I was standing in the kitchen I started to think “we really should have Steve and Suzanne over for dinner, we haven’t seen them in a long time.” Not even a second passed by before I could hear Michael answering his phone, saying “hi Steve!” Funny how things work out sometimes. So the Crosby family joined us for some spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies.

It was so nice to see Katie, she’s getting to be so big! Here are a few pictures:

The girls having fun.

Katie is saying to her mommy, “Mr. Michael needs to clean his fish tank!”

For more pictures click here.

Finding Joy

I sometimes wonder whether all pleasures are not substitutes for joy. C.S. Lewis

As someone who has often struggled with “the blues” and even depression at various times in my life, I often have to ask myself, “where is your joy?” The question is really a reminder to the self within me, a reminder that true joy is unfleeting and cannot be affected by outside forces. Joy is a state of the heart, and unlike the other states of the heart; happiness and peace, joy is the only one I have control over. No one, nothing can mess with my joy unless I let them. So regardless of who has harmed me, or what my circumstances may be, or what sorrows I may face, the joy in my heart will always prevail.

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