Cotsford Update

I know it’s been a long time. Way too long! I’ve been too busy with my other blog and then of course life with Caroline kept me busier than I had anticipated!

So what’s new?

Well, Caroline is growing super fast and keeping us on the constant go. She’s currently 20 months and will soon be a big sister. That’s right! I’m 37 weeks at the moment. So far this pregnancy has been so much easier than with Caroline. I’m not sure if Caroline has figured out what’s inside my belly but she’s certainly fascinated by it!

In the meantime we’ve been busy trying to get everything in order before the little one arrives. We’ve got a full fledged garden in the works. All our rooms have been repainted, including an amazing mural in the baby’s room. Michael now has an official workshop in the basement. After two years our “new” home is staring to feel lived in as we begin to decorate and add our personal touches here and there.

Next week we’ll be welcoming Grammy for an extended stay, as she comes up to help us during our transition from at threesome to a foursome. We can hardly wait to have her!



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