Keeping a garden journal

I’m starting to understand the hard work being a homesteader takes. Spring has arrived and I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’m usually able to keep my “to-do-list” in my head and get most things accomplished. Blame it on the “mommy brain” or blame it on the fact that I’ve started to dream too big an have begun more projects than I can handle.

We all know that the key to being successful at anything is to start small and slowly build up to where you envisioned yourself to be. Being organized is the beginning accomplishing anything. With this in mind I’m going to take the time these next couple of weeks to organize the Cotsford home beginning with the garden. We have purchased our seeds, planted some, built two raised beds, and began the task of renovating an area of our land for the garden (which involves removing a gazebo first). I need to get ourselves organized cause I’m forgetting things like those seeds we started and are growing under a lamp in the basement!

Garden journals are a great way to write down things like what seeds were planted, when they were planted, and where they were purchased from. It’s a way for you to look back to see why certain crops were a success and what pests were problems and so on.  Garden journals don’t have to be fancy books purchased from the bookstore and you don’t have to spend hours writing down details. For some ideas on what a garden journal entails or if you’d like to design your own in a notebook check out these sites: Arbico-Organics and

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