Homesteading Goals

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I’m a goal oriented driven person. I have long lists of things I’d like to do written on scrap paper all over the house. Most of the time it takes me years before I actually accomplish something. Now that I am an official Stay At Home Mom, I hope to have some time to be able to cross some of these goals off of my “Someday List.”

My main goal for being a “homesteader” is to be able to be as self sufficient as possible, to learn to enjoy the simple pleasures of eating homegrown vegetables,  wearing hand-sewn clothing, and even the wonders of unplugged entertainment. To date I am or I should say “we” as I am not alone in this journey, are as far as away from being a real homesteader, at least according to Wikipedia. There is a new movement called “urban homesteading“, and even there we fall far short from the real definition. But really, who cares? We are on are own journey.

Here are some of our (mostly mine!) 2010 goals, some of which we have already started on:

1. Plant a vegetable garden

2. Plant an herb garden

3. Learn food preservation

4. Learn to sew

5. Learn to knit

6. Learn how to make homemade soaps

7. Learn how to make homemade cleaning solutions

8. Learn to compost

9. Learn to collect our rainwater for the garden

10. Learn to “live” locally

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