We are in the new house!

Our new house in Bellingham

Our new house in Bellingham

After being without a house for a month, we closed on our new house last Thursday (April 30th) and are now living in the new house. With a lot of help from many friends (Thanks Steve, Marc, Todd, Dena and of course Revel’s mom Carolyn!), we were able to get set up over the weekend and are now sleeping in the new house.

The closing was not without it’s drama. We were scheduled to do a walkthrough on Thursday morning at 8:45 am and then go to the closing at 10. This timeline was fairly critical as we wanted to get new floors put in starting on Thursday afternoon. We were always worried that the previous owner would not have everything moved just because there was so much clutter in the house when we saw it. And are fears were realized when we got there and found nearly every room in the house still had lots of her stuff in it. Apparently she ran out of space with the movers and had gone early Thursday to find a rental truck. We knew we needed to insure she got EVERYTHING out, so at the advice of our realtor we decided to do a holdback on some of the money at the closing and not release that money until we were satisfied. Over the course of Thursday the previous owner was able to remove most of her stuff so by Friday afternoon I called the lawyer to have her release the remaining money. In the end it all worked out, but it looked a bit scary for a while there.

We had worked it out with the flooring company that they would start replacing all the carpets and laminate floors in the upstairs bedrooms and the hallway between the rooms. We had hardwood installed in the hallway (matches the existing hardwood downstairs) and that was started Thursday and finished early Friday. All four bedrooms also have new carpets (this was a compromise that Revel made for me….she wanted hardwood in all the rooms). So by Friday evening all the upstairs rooms was completed. Downstairs, there was one room that had carpet which has been removed and the existing hardwood is being extended into this room. This is being completed today. Finally, we are updating the vinyl floor in the kitchen with new vinyl and that should be completed tomorrow.

We had loaded much of our stuff in a PODS container, so Friday afternoon they delivered it and with help from Steve, Marc and Carolyn we unloaded it very quickly. Over the course of Sat and Sunday we were able to move everything in and get much of the boxes unloaded (We are very efficient!) My friends Todd and Dena came over Sunday afternoon to bring over a picnic dinner (Thanks!) and with Todd’s help we moved out the existing washer/dryer and refrigerator in preparation for the new floor in the kitchen/half-bathroom downstairs tomorrow.

Ultimately everything went very well and we had some great help from friends and are very excited about our new home. Thanks to our realtor Marie Dickson (who I STRONGLY recommend for anyone thinking about buying or selling a house this area – she is based in Franklin), we had a great home selling and buying experience. We’ll have more pictures soon once the floors are complete so we can give a complete tour.

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