House is selling again; looking for another house

So it’s been a little while since I last posted about our house selling/buying adventures. A lot has happened, so let me catch everyone up.

After we showed the house a couple weeks ago, both showings went very well. We got an offer the next day. After some negotiations, we agreed on a price. Since then, they did their inspection and we had to deal with some minor issues but have since made it thru that hurdle as well. Last week, we signed the P&S and now we are mostly waiting for the appraisal and mortgage commitment. We have more confidence that this buyer will be good and feel pretty confident that all will go well (there was always some concern with the previous buyer).

So if that all goes well, we will be closing on the sale at the end of March. Of course we now need to find a house to buy. Revel and I have been looking at several houses over the last couple of weeks. As of today, we have not put an offer on any house but we have two houses we are seriously interested in. We are hoping to go back to see one of them this week (we saw it at the end of a 7-house marathon day and want to see it again) and unless some other house shows up in the next week or so, will probably put an offer in on one of these houses.

Thanks for your continued prayer in all of this. We’ll keep you posted!

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