Monthly Archives: February 2009

We’re in San Francisco

Revel and I (and Revel’s parents) are taking a nice break from work/house hunting to visit San Francisco. The Ocean Spray annual meeting is out so it was a good reason to get away. We also got to visit with Revel’s grandmother and aunt. We come home tomorrow but it’s been a fun trip

Starting over with the house hunt

The house hunt continues. Last week we finally got an answer on our house, and it wasn’t what we wanted. On Friday we decided that the buyer of our house was not going to be able to get a mortgage so we cancelled the deal. Unfortunately, this also meant we had to give up the house we were trying to buy.  So on Friday night we told our realtor to put us back on the market. We learned a lot about what to look for in a potential buyer, and hopefully that will help moving forward.

Well…things are moving fast once again. On Saturday our MLS listing was updated to “Back on Market”. That night we got a call to request a showing on Sunday. We had that showing in the late morning after church (took the dogs out for a nice hike – it was over 50 degrees!). Later that afternoon we got another call to request a showing for later that evening. Since the house was nice and clean, why not! So we headed out again for a little while.

This morning I got an email from our realtor and both potential buyers really liked the house (Revel keeps a good house!).  Later today she sent over an offer! Not exactly the price we wanted but it’s a start. We have counteroffered and waiting to see whay will happen. But the news is very encouraging.

Thanks for all your prayers, and we’ll keep you posted on all the house drama!

No news is not always good news

The latest news about our housing situation is that nothing has moved forward. We are being held up by the buyer of our house still not having an answer from her bank on a mortgage commitment. While we can continue to hope and pray that it will work out and extend the deadline, there is a real risk that we will lose the house we are trying to buy if the seller of that house doesn’t also agree to extend. We decided late last week to extend one more time on the mortgage commitment till this Friday and even if that happens, we will most likely have to delay the closing as well (since we still have not heard anything as of today).

No matter what happens, Revel and I both know that it is in God’s hands.

We’ll update again once we have some new news.