January 17

Latest house news

If you’ve been keeping up with the Cotsford’s recently, you know that we are working on selling our house and buying a new one. Here is the latest update. Look here for prior updates.

We got the P&S signed for the new house we are buying, which allowed us to lock in our mortgage rate. Very happy about that and now the bank is doing what they need to do to get us ready for the Jan 29th clsoing. On the sale of our house, we are still waiting to hear from the buyer’s bank that everything is set for the financing. We were expecting to know by last Thursday, but they asked for an extension and we didn’t have much choice but to agree. So the new date is Jan 23rd (this Friday). This is essentially the last hurdle for us and if that is all set we believe all will go thru as planned.

It’s starting to feel real close and we’re trying to not get too excited (seeing as nothing is for sure yet), but we know that in less then two weeks we may be in our new house!

Thanks for all the prayers and we’ll keep you posted. Once it’s a sure thing we’ll definately be posting pictures.

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