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One more month

It seemed like a long way off back in Feb when I proposed to Revel, but we are now just one month away from the wedding! Everything is going well with the planning. Yesterday we met with the Photographer/Videographer and they really liked the Ceremony/Reception locations. Revel is on top of everything and making sure I do my part, so I have no doubts it will come together well on our day.


An early date - Walden Pond

Visit to Jamestown

Revel and I went out to Jamestown, RI last weekend. When we left, we were worried that we would get rained out, but we had just enough nice weather to have a great time on the rocks looking out at the ocean. There were lots of sailboats out enjoying the strong winds.

Jamestown 1


Tasha and Daisy had a great time as well and were well worn out after our hike.

Check out a few more pictures after the break and a lot more in the photo album.
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Christine and Ricardo’s Wedding

Revel and I went down to South Carolina back at the end of June for my sister Christine’s wedding. It was also a chance for Revel to meet my two brothers, Daniel (lives in Switzerland) and Philip (lives in Tokyo, Japan). We had a great time down there and Christine and Ricardo’s wedding was great. Here are some pictures from our trip and the wedding.

Revel meets Daniel

Revel and I arriving at the airport and Revel and Daniel meeting for the first time.

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July 4th

Every 4th since I can remember my family has participated in the Marion parade. This year Michael experienced his first 4th parade as a US Citizen.

Here’s me, Michael, and my cousin Alison waiting for the parade to begin.

My other cousin Abbie, me & Michael, Alison and her husband Jon.

My cousins and Jon zipping into the parade with a WW II jeep.

My mom and I taking a break from our vehicles after the parade. My parents drove their Model A and Michael and I drove my dad’s 1968 jeep.

Michael dipping into the parade candy!

After the parade my family and a few friends came by my house for a little get together.

For more pictures, checkout this photo album.

My Surprise Bridal Shower

My Matron of Honor (Laura) and Maid of Honor (Julie) did an amazing job organizing a surprise shower for me. Here are a few pictures.

Sweet Ada in her daisy outfit.

Isn’t the cake beautiful?

Me and Laura.

 Me and Jess talking to Reed.

 Aunt Susan, Maria, Aunt Cindy, and Nina having a good time.


Michael receiving a grill set.

My life long friends Jess and Laura with their sweeties (born two days apart).


Mom and Aunt Gini watching the show.


Dad driving Aunt Susan home on the latest wheels.

Washington D.C.

As part of the CCCGA Leadership Development Program, which I have been participating in for the last several months, a trip to Washington D.C was sponsored by First Pioneer Farm Credit. In Washington the Leadership Team met with Ron Carlton at Senator Kennedy’s Office, Trevor Dean at Senator Clinton’s Office, Peter Kovar at Congressman Frank’s Office, and with Congressman Delahunt. We emphasized the importance of cranberry industry in our state and throughout the country and the value of the Cranberry Research Enhancement Initiative in the 2007 Farm Bill.


Don’t we look brilliant!


Here are a few more pictures I took as we raced through the Capital from one appointment to the next: