Getting Ready for Christmas

With trying to get our house ready to sell and everything in between, Michael and I waited till the last minute to pick out a tree. Concerned friends warned us we would be stuck with the runt of the lot if we waited too long or even the possibility that many of the tree farms were starting to close down for the season after already selling off all their trees. So with this in mind, I urged Michael to drive out in the snow storm last weekend in search of a tree. We pulled up to Angel’s Garden Center in Hopkinton, walked over to a pile of trees and picked out the first one we saw. “Looks good” we both agreed. Our “good” looking tree turned out to be a prize winner. It’s a beautiful Fraser Fir that was chosen out of its many comrades to be sent down to the White House for Christmas. Well evidently the Cotsfords were of more importance and so here we are enjoying our first Christmas with a prize winning tree!

For more pictures click here.

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