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Getting Ready for Christmas

With trying to get our house ready to sell and everything in between, Michael and I waited till the last minute to pick out a tree. Concerned friends warned us we would be stuck with the runt of the lot if we waited too long or even the possibility that many of the tree farms were starting to close down for the season after already selling off all their trees. So with this in mind, I urged Michael to drive out in the snow storm last weekend in search of a tree. We pulled up to Angel’s Garden Center in Hopkinton, walked over to a pile of trees and picked out the first one we saw. “Looks good” we both agreed. Our “good” looking tree turned out to be a prize winner. It’s a beautiful Fraser Fir that was chosen out of its many comrades to be sent down to the White House for Christmas. Well evidently the Cotsfords were of more importance and so here we are enjoying our first Christmas with a prize winning tree!

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Enjoying the Snow

Last weekend we were blessed by a beautiful snow storm. Personally I LOVE snow and even though we weren’t able to go skiing, we did manage to put on our snowshoes and take advantage of the 16 plus inches of fluffy snow.

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Housing update

So a lot has happened in a short amount of time with our housing situation. Here’s an update on everything that has been going on.

First, the sale of our house in Milford. We put the house on the market last Tuesday. On Wed, it showed up on the MLS listings. On Thursday morning I got a call that someone wanted to do a showing that evening at 6pm, so I said sure. Apparently the person really loved the house and put an offer together that night. Revel and I received it on Fri morning. It was a pretty good offer, but not exactly what I wanted to get for the house. So we countered with a higher price and they countered back and by Fri afternoon we had agreed on a price and closing date. Excellent! Our realtor actually was quite amazed that we were able to get the price we got, as it was higher then anything else that had sold recently. So the inspection is happening this coming Saturday. God is definately blessing us with the sale of our house.

But He didn’t stop the blessings there. On Saturday, Revel and I agreed that we really liked one house we had seen a week before when went looking at houses so we decided to put an offer on the house (also in Milford). Our offer was quite a bit lower then the asking price but that’s the luxury of being in a buyer’s market. 🙂  We found out before we put our offer in that there was already one offer on the house. We didn’t hear anything on Sunday, but on Monday we found out that while the seller had received a higher offer then ours, he liked our financing better (better financing means more likely that the deal will happen) so he came up with a counter-offer on the price (still lower then his other offer, but slightly higher then our original offer) and wanted us to close by the end of Jan. We agreed and submitted another offer with the new terms last night. Today he signed the offer as well. Our inspection is next Monday and if all goes well we will be moving into our new house at the end of January.

So God has been blessing us tremendously! Keep praying for us as we still need to get both inspections done (Saturday for our house, Monday for the new house) and everything needs to go well with the financing for the buyer of our house. But so far everything has been going great and we in shock how fast everything is moving.

We’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Selling the house

The blog has been quiet for the last week or so, but it’s not because Revel and I haven’t been busy. Instead, we have been preparing to sell our house in Milford. It will officially go on the market (MLS) tomorrow, but the For Sale sign is already on the lawn and everything is set. Revel and I have also been looking at houses in the area. While it’s not a great time to sell a house, it’s a great time to buy, so we are excited about the possibilities. We’ve already seen a couple houses that we really like (of course that can be dangerous until we have some offers on our house…but at least we know there are some good deals out there that we like).

We’ll keep you posted on how our home sale/search goes. Your prayers are very much appreciated!

Our house (right half)
Our house (right half)

Sturbridge Visit

Michael and I were fortunate to have his mom up for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We spent Thanksgiving day at my parents house, where they cooked up an amazing feast for us. On Friday we avoided the malls and headed out towards western Massachusetts and back into the early 19th century to experience life as it was at Sturbridge Village. Here are a few pictures from our day:

Eliane (Michael’s mom) and I pose with the Sturbridge Village common behind us.

Michael sneaks in a picture of me while snooping upstairs in one of the old houses.

Over looking a grazing pasture of one of the farm houses.

A Beautiful Morning

Several weeks ago Michael and I stayed at the house in Middleboro during the weekend we worked at the Harvest Celebration. We awoke early in the morning and couldn’t believe the beauty of the water on the bogs. I’ve seen it my whole life but am still amazed of how peaceful the scene always is.