With Thanksgiving

I don’t know about you but I can hardly believe turkey day is here! Looking back over this past year a lot has happened and changed and I sure do have so much to be thankful for. Lately, however, I have been challenged to view my thankfulness in a new light; giving thanks not because my circumstances are kind but because God is with me.

Thinking back to the first thanksgiving harvest, the Pilgrims were, by modern standards, in deep poverty. The previous winter more than half the Pilgrims had died from weather, hunger and illness. But they were not shaken in faith. Their grief did not paralyze them. They were thankful for the life they had. They were thankful for food, even simple rations. They were thankful for peace. They were fleeing religious persecution, and felt blessed to be on good terms with the Native Americans. They knew they were strangers and pilgrims, guests on land that had not been theirs. They were so thankful for the small amount they had, that they were willing to share it with their potential enemies, the Indians. This was not a shrewd political maneuver — it was an honest expression of being thankful for what God had given. The Pilgrims always kept God in the picture. Whatever happened, He allowed, and whatever the circumstances, they were to be used for his glory. With that conviction, I can indeed be thankful for all things.

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