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One more month

It seemed like a long way off back in Feb when I proposed to Revel, but we are now just one month away from the wedding! Everything is going well with the planning. Yesterday we met with the Photographer/Videographer and they really liked the Ceremony/Reception locations. Revel is on top of everything and making sure I do my part, so I have no doubts it will come together well on our day.


An early date - Walden Pond

Visit to Jamestown

Revel and I went out to Jamestown, RI last weekend. When we left, we were worried that we would get rained out, but we had just enough nice weather to have a great time on the rocks looking out at the ocean. There were lots of sailboats out enjoying the strong winds.

Jamestown 1


Tasha and Daisy had a great time as well and were well worn out after our hike.

Check out a few more pictures after the break and a lot more in the photo album.
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Christine and Ricardo’s Wedding

Revel and I went down to South Carolina back at the end of June for my sister Christine’s wedding. It was also a chance for Revel to meet my two brothers, Daniel (lives in Switzerland) and Philip (lives in Tokyo, Japan). We had a great time down there and Christine and Ricardo’s wedding was great. Here are some pictures from our trip and the wedding.

Revel meets Daniel

Revel and I arriving at the airport and Revel and Daniel meeting for the first time.

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July 4th

Every 4th since I can remember my family has participated in the Marion parade. This year Michael experienced his first 4th parade as a US Citizen.

Here’s me, Michael, and my cousin Alison waiting for the parade to begin.

My other cousin Abbie, me & Michael, Alison and her husband Jon.

My cousins and Jon zipping into the parade with a WW II jeep.

My mom and I taking a break from our vehicles after the parade. My parents drove their Model A and Michael and I drove my dad’s 1968 jeep.

Michael dipping into the parade candy!

After the parade my family and a few friends came by my house for a little get together.

For more pictures, checkout this photo album.