Monthly Archives: June 2008

My Surprise Bridal Shower

My Matron of Honor (Laura) and Maid of Honor (Julie) did an amazing job organizing a surprise shower for me. Here are a few pictures.

Sweet Ada in her daisy outfit.

Isn’t the cake beautiful?

Me and Laura.

 Me and Jess talking to Reed.

 Aunt Susan, Maria, Aunt Cindy, and Nina having a good time.


Michael receiving a grill set.

My life long friends Jess and Laura with their sweeties (born two days apart).


Mom and Aunt Gini watching the show.


Dad driving Aunt Susan home on the latest wheels.

Washington D.C.

As part of the CCCGA Leadership Development Program, which I have been participating in for the last several months, a trip to Washington D.C was sponsored by First Pioneer Farm Credit. In Washington the Leadership Team met with Ron Carlton at Senator Kennedy’s Office, Trevor Dean at Senator Clinton’s Office, Peter Kovar at Congressman Frank’s Office, and with Congressman Delahunt. We emphasized the importance of cranberry industry in our state and throughout the country and the value of the Cranberry Research Enhancement Initiative in the 2007 Farm Bill.


Don’t we look brilliant!


Here are a few more pictures I took as we raced through the Capital from one appointment to the next:






No more hot dogs

Last week Revel had Tasha and Daisy shaved to help them keep cool in the summer (and reduce the amount of hair everywhere). Here are a few pics of them enjoying their new look.

Tasha being good as usual. Because her coat is large, she looks especially different now without her hair.

Daisy begging for (and getting) a belly rub.

Mount Washington

Michael and I went up to New Hampshire this weekend to visit my Grandmother who is out here from California for a few weeks. We were able to take a drive up Mount Washington and were fortunate to have a beautiful sunny clear day with breath taking views.

The base of the mountain.

Me with Grandma.

Michael and I half way up the mountain.

King of the mountain.

Michael and I at the summit.

Grandma and I in front of the train that goes up Mt. Washington.

The Wii Fit

So a couple weeks ago, I got the Wii Fit. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a balance board that connects to the Wii game console and comes with many games that require you to balance on the board to play the game. The “fit” part of it is that it is supposed to get you into shape. It’s a lot of fun and after the wedding Saturday, Revel and I had some fun with it (before even changing out of our clothes).

Michael Wii fit hula

Here I am doing my best Hula Hooping. 🙂

Revel Wii Fit soccer

Here Revel is playing soccer (as she leans to head the ball, so does her character on the screen).

Revel Wii Fit ski jumping

Revel ski jumping (very nice form! 😉 )

Steve’s bachelor party

Last Friday I went to my good friend Steve’s bachelor party. After a fun race at F1 racing (very cool!), we went to the Marina Bay in Quincy (you can watch the planes landing at Logan just across the bay) where we played some volleyball and had dinner. We all had a great time and I’m very happy for Steve and Suzanne.

Steve Bachelor party

Check out more pictures of our fun in this Facebook album

Revel’s ring

So I finally got some good pictures of Revel’s engagement ring to post. The ring is a Tiffany set diamond with 4 small channel-set diamonds on each side (I knew absolutely nothing about rings before I went shopping for hers). Here are a few pictures: