Monthly Archives: May 2008

Kirby’s new ride

So Revel’s dad Kirby has all kinds of cars and trucks (this weekend I drove his Vietnam era Jeep around Rochester to follow the annual Rochester boat races. For some reason I kept having the theme song for the A-Team in my head) and he now has a new ride. This is his new 1952 MG TD


Ladies Day at the Dress Shop

Mom, Laura, Aunti Gini and Ada (and Julie who is taking the picture) inspect a wedding dress I try on and then eventually buy (they approved obviously). My mom, Laura, and Jules also found amazing beautiful dresses. Thank you, Aunt Gini, for watching Ada during her first official shopping trip.

Eight Goslings Prancing

As Revel has posted before, her yard and the surrounding bogs are full of all kinds of wildlife. This weekend after installing some screen doors, we were treated to a couple of geese and 8 gosling enjoying a walk through her front lawn. Here are a couple pictures.

Goslings 1

Goslings 2

Farmer Michael?

Is Michael turning into a farmer? No…not exactly. 🙂 Revel has been doing a lot of yard work recently so she and I tackled a large area on Saturday, trying to clear it of brush. Her dad let me use the tractor, which of course I jumped on the chance.  It was a big help having it as I bulldozed some areas and moved large amounts of debris away.