Monthly Archives: April 2008

Google maps now available

I’m still learning about all the tools available out there for blogging. So in my search, I found a neat tool that I think could be a lot of fun to play with. The tool allows for me to load up a Google map with markers on it (using the My Maps feature in Google maps), and then add it to our blog. After playing around with it, I think I have it working well now.

The first use I found for is a map for locations of our wedding reception and ceremony. This could be useful for people who aren’t familiar with the area. Check out that map here.

I can also see this being useful for vacations that Revel and I will take. As an example, I put up a map with locations that Daniel and I went to when we travelled to Europe in 2004. Check it out here.

Our enchanted bogland

When the corgis and I went for our evening walk around the bogs and reservoir the other day we saw an otter, ducks, geese, wild turkeys, a crane, a snapping turtle, a bunny, white tail deer, and birds of all colors and sounds. We were mystified.


The Guy Behind the Cranberry Scene

I present to you Nicholi Vorsa (in the red jacket); an icon in the cranberry industry. He’s the guy who makes sure we have cranberry vines that will produce more and better fruit.  Standing behind him is Joe DeVerna of Ocean Spray.

Here Mr. Vorsa is checking out one of his varieties called “Crimson Queen” that was planted on an AD Makepeace bog last spring.